Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Declaration

I am thankful to God for His Blessings in my life!
By the grace of God, today I have new opportunities coming my way!
I am equipped for today’s challenges!
Better jobs, contracts, customers, promotions, bonuses, dividends and offers avail themselves to me!

I welcome opportunities to grow mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, and financially!
I am ready for increase on every level!
My eyes are perceptive to recognize unique opportunities tailored for me!

My mind is alert!
My spirit is discerning!
My soul is anchored!
My body is prepared!
I am ready to receive the bounty of God’s good will for my life!

Uncommon favor rests upon my life for uncommon blessings!
I have prepared all of my life for this moment!
I am more ready now than I ever been!
Good things are flowing my way today!

Thank you, Jesus for abundantly meeting every need in my life! Empower me, O Lord, to
Become everything I shall have wished I had become when I stand before Thee!
I give you praise for being my Lord!

-Bishop Dale C. Bronner 2010

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